was mein herz schlagen lässt

"There's a breeze in the air
There's a boat passing over there
There's a calm under the waves, so I choose to sink. "

 Maria Mena - Calm under the waves

wundervolle zeilen aus dem song "wasted" von Cartel

23 now, got his life in his hands
he's looking all around and he doesn't understand
'cause life's too busy, things get in the way
we all feel alone every single day

and I'm 18 and couldn't wait to move out
it's been five years and now I'm starting to doubt
whether all my dreams are just aimless stairs
looking off to someplace that isn't here

when I'm 32 well I'll be miserable?
with everything around based on principle
well, i have a clue, oh
wouldn't it be nice
to never be alone in this wasted life

<schnief>  nein, mein leben darf nicht verschwendet werden. ich mach was draus. irgendetwas. ich will nicht am boden sein mit 32 wie in dem lied. mein leben wird toll, der wahnsinn. so.